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postheadericon Getting a Life While Writing a Dissertation written

Are you waiting until you are through with your dissertation so that you can get a life? There is no need to wait. The education latest news tells us that a student can order dissertation online and enjoy the services of the professional essay writing help. What you need to do before making the orders for help is to develop the skills which are required at home and work in enriching the dissertation experience. In this blog, we are going to consider three general life skills

• Work and life balance

• Time management

• Dealing with stress

We are focusing on the life, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills which are vital to the success of your dissertation. We are sure you can clarify your values, enhance your motivation and overcome any imposter syndrome. You can also manage yourself, manage group dynamic and handle all the criticism that may come your way.

Work and Life Balance

The pressure of a project can be mounting, and it is always omnipresent. This makes it difficult for one to achieve healthy work and life balance. Whereas much of the pressure may come from the advisors, family, deadlines and the general responsibility for the alleviation of the pressure coming from you, here are some tips that will help you get started.

Knowing yourself

You should know what is causing you stress. Is it

• Too many demands

• Lack of proper time management

• To many projects to focus on


• Unclear expectation

You should also see what you need so as to reinvigorate yourself. Is it a daily walk in the woods, a break to chat with friends every day, a weekend out in a different location that is far always from the books or what

Knowing your situation

You should be in a position of sitting down and noting down the obligations that you have at the moment. This includes your spouse(s), parents, children’s or job. The emotional, social and formal

Obligations are also included.

Write down the passion that you have explicitly set aside so as to do the dissertation. You may also have to consider other emotions that you have set in life.

Realistic timeframe

You should be able to estimate a realistic date for completion of your dissertation. You note that there is a difference between the time you want it completed and the realistic time.

Create a realistic and a purposeful plan

To get a good work and life balance requires a proactive approach. In the today’s environment, it takes proper planning, mindfulness, and thoughtful consideration. This is not the time to compare yourself with other students as what stresses you are in is different from what stresses other students. This is the greatest time that you should create a plan which is going to work for you

Creating a plan for the duration of dissertation work

You should start this by scheduling the elements required so as to keep yourself motivated and invigorated. You need to prioritize your items. You should also look at your plan in light of the reflection of what is causing stress.

Whereas a plan may fit into the particular schedule, it cannot be a good fit for you. You should be ruthless and realistic in all your plans. Your dissertation should be a focal point of the plan. Your research and health are what is going to benefit from balance in your life

Remember, today’s work is less structured, more integrated with life and very flexible. If you learn a skill of creating healthy and fulfilling work and life balance, then it will serve you in the short and long run. It can come out to be the best skills that you develop in the dissertation process.

Time Management Skills

Effective time management skills have become a critical element for most people. It is vital for students who are working on a thesis. You should not allow yourself to work in a crisis mode. You should plan your tine wisely. It is easy to be got up while you define some activities as a crisis. Sham crisis is that request which appears urgent, though not an agent. For example: responding to text messages and email immediately.

Try the following skills so as to enhance your time management and avoid working in crisis mode:

• Block out a clear dissertation work on the calendar for the next one week or month

• Make a full list of the task that you are planning to complete during this particular period. Identify three main parts

A – The critical path items

B – Important, though not time-specific items

C – Other items

• Include some buffer time is the schedule

• Review your list each other day

Other Suggestions and tips:

• Some people may find it useful picking the desired end date then start working backward. For example, I want to complete my doctorate by August 2016. To do this, I should defend by July, 15th this tells me I need to get my draft to the committee by June, 5th … and so forth

• While prioritizing the list, you should think of the critical path items. The items here are not defined by the due date. For example, you may be having 2 goals in a single day

– Rewriting 3 pages of literature review

– identifying methodological approach which is appropriate

It is easy if you spend your time on an item which produces physical result and neglects your second goal. However, you may require time so as to develop a research protocol. If you neglect then, your critical path may be affected. Rephrasing of your goal may be helpful

If you apply good time management skills, then you may not need to work for a long period or work too hard. In fact, a manager can recommend that you include the time that you are going to relax. With good time management skills, you are going to get an opportunity of achieving goals in a more effective manner.

How to Deal with Stress

At a certain level, stress is the greatest motivator. At another level, stress can be caused by psychological, physiological and behavioral problems. It is interesting that some of the top strategies for dealing with stress are work-life balance and time management. So it is too critical for us to focus on these two skills

Other strategies that can assist you to deal with stress include;

– increasing your physical activities

– Expanding your social support

– Practicing deep relaxation techniques

– Setting clear and achievable goals in life

– Finding a better way of getting feedback

Doctors have it that the stress caused by dissertation can easily take on our health. However, this is not the only life stressor. If you learn to manage stress effectively, then be sure that the ABD that you have been writing on that powerful topic of – common education problems in different countries is going to become the Ph.D. that you wanted. Feel free and give – your opinion about some aspects of education in your dissertation

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