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By the time the student completes his intermediate examinations, he or she would be ready for the tough life ahead. The first hurdle they could encounter is the choice of the subject they would like to pursue. They may be good at many subjects in their school life. However, you would not be able to take all the subjects in college. You have to make a careful choice. A wrong choice could spell your doom. You need to have precise information about the career you wish to choose. You can get this career information at w3Education.

This is an educational web resource having details of every school, college, and university in the U.S. You have the advantage of consulting this website before deciding on your further course of action after completing the intermediate examinations. You would have an informed choice with a variety of options. You can interact with the counselors and obtain any further information if required. A student, you would be at an impressionable age. This website would help you to judge the right type of courses depending on your aptitude. You may find many such websites on the internet. A majority of them would be money-spinning factories. However, this website does nothing of that sort. You get the precise information of all the courses available at the college. You have the services of a dedicated counselor at every step in your endeavor.

Browsing this University directory would be very advantageous to you. You get a fair idea about the world outside. Until this time, you were living in a protected environment. However, you have to venture into the outside world to establish yourself. This website would be of tremendous help in this regard. By presenting you with precise information about each college and course, it also gives you the pros and cons of applying at a particular university. This can help you take a measured step. This website is not a university in its own right. This is only a resource website that gives you information about the universities, their rules and regulations, their courses, and fees, etc. In short, you can procure any information about education at this website. This website caters to the all the states in the US. Hence, sitting in one place, you would have the information of all the universities at your command.

When you refer to this site, you can have career information about practically all the careers. Having prior information about the career before venturing into the field is advantageous for you in every respect. This education directory would be the best resource to rely on under these present circumstances. Their best part of the website is that it does not present a single-sided picture. It gives you the pros and the cons as well. This is the hallmark of a professional website. This could enable you to take a measured decision after considering the negative aspects of any career. Therefore, students, as well as their parents, browse the site for vital information.