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postheadericon How Wilderness Therapy Builds Confidence in Troubled Boys

Schools for troubled boys are filled to capacity, and there is a waiting list for these overcrowded facilities. Parents are opting to send their sons to adventure-based camps that are located in remote locations near trees and wildlife. For the youngsters who have lived in a city their entire lives, this is a new experience because they have never camped before. The only way for the boys to survive in these remote regions is by cooperating with the other participants rather than fighting with each other. That’s the strength behind Wood Creek Academy and their approach to discipline.

Building Confidence Levels

Wilderness therapy programs are also located in deserts or mountainous regions, and the boys living at the camp must rely on each other to find necessities such as food, water and shelter. Participants at these camps must learn how to build a fire, pitch a tent and cook food. These activities are designed to increase each participant’s self-confidence and reduce their low self-esteem. Instead of dividing into opposing gangs, the participants in a program learn how to work together as a team.

Changing a Boy’s Bad Behavior

A psychologist might recommend adventure camping for a boy who needs to change his behavior, and therapeutic wilderness programs are designed for total immersion for several weeks in the summer when students are not in school. A parent might send a child to one of these camps because they were in trouble throughout the school year for problems such as poor grades or violent behavior.